Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

My name is Biodun Ogunyemi. Welcome to this recording. When listening to this recording, be sure to listen to it when you won’t be disturbed. This recording is hypnotic and is not to be used whilst driving. And for maximum effect, I recommend that you listen to it through headphones.

Go ahead and take a slow, deep breath. All the way in and all the way out. There’s time to calm your thoughts, clear your mind. And then just allow those eyes to close. It’s time to consider things on the inside. Time to consider the deeper meaning so that as you listen to the sound of my voice, my voice can help you to drift down deeper and deeper relaxed. You may be aware of certain sensations inside the room or even outside the room. Certain sounds. These sounds could just help you to drift down. Knowing that the deeper you go, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you’re relaxed. Go ahead and focus your attention on your breathing. So that with every out breath you can relax even more. You see as you listen to the sound of my voice, I’m speaking to that conscious part of your mind. I’m also speaking to that unconscious part of your mind. The part that controls all your long-term habits, your behaviors, controls your emotions. You see you don’t decide to wake up in the morning and feel sad or wake up in the morning and feel happy. It just happens all by itself. That part of you that controls your heartbeat, controls your blinking, controls your breathing. You see you don’t need to remember to breathe when you’re sleeping. It happens automatically. And that part of you is there to protect you, is there to make you feel comfortable.

And it’s time to really consider everything you need to consider now about this healthy lifestyle. It’s time to consider what difference having a healthy lifestyle mean to your life. You see when you consider your lifestyle right now, you start to recall certain memories with your past. I don’t know whether that involves you eating the wrong things. But as you run that movie and watch yourself doing all the things you do right now, knowing that it’s time to change, it’s time to have your unconscious mind assist you with this change. And you can trust your unconscious mind. I don’t know whether that means that you would like to do more exercise. You may like to eat better, possibly sleep better. You see your unconscious mind already knows all the things that can help you move in the right direction. And I don’t know what that direction will be. You see you can choose the healthy path or you can choose the unhealthy path. And that choice is yours. I don’t know whether that healthy path means that you’d like to do more exercise. I don’t know whether that means walking more, possibly taking up a new hobby such as swimming or whatever’s important to you. See taking up that exercise doesn’t mean that you need to go to the gym, three, four or five times a week. What it does mean is that it’s more important you start to do something possibly doing something you enjoy. When you do something you enjoy, you tend to find you do it automatically. You start to enjoy it. I don’t know if you played a certain sport when you were younger. I don’t know if you play a certain sport right now or had a hobby. Something that you could take up on a regular basis that can help you towards this healthy lifestyle.

It’s important that you start to consider drinking more water so that you can rehydrate your body, allowing those fluids to rehydrate you. It’s important that you consider each and every morning making sure that you do eat breakfast in the morning. You see a lot of people skip breakfast. And they consider this good for them. However that meal, breakfast, is important. You see when your body has not had anything for six, seven or even eight hours, it’s important that you start to refuel this body. It’s important you start to consider what you’re putting inside your body. So that as you consider everything you’re putting into your body, you can start to cut down on all the things that are unhealthy. You can start to cut down on your sugar level automatically. You can start to cut down on your salt levels automatically. I don’t know if you can cut down on your alcohol intake if you drink alcohol. I don’t know if you can start to eat healthier foods. You may want to consider everything you’re putting into your mouth right now so that you can start to move towards that healthier lifestyle. You can start to feel better about yourself. See I want you right now to imagine possibly a pleasant memory in your past. A time that you felt a lot healthier than now. Possibly a time that you were doing exercise, possibly a time that you were eating better. You see it’s interesting that when you’re feeling better about yourself, you start to eat better, you start to feel better. It’s a lot easier to eat all the right things when you’re feeling good about yourself. So that you can start to consider times in your past where you felt good, times in your past where you felt a certain sensation inside that allowed you to feel healthier. You may want to consider what all these changes will make to your life. You may want to consider how it’s going to improve your life. It’s important to wonder after all the changes you’re about to make inside. So that you can consider when you see yourself six months down the line, having made changes to your lifestyle what difference it’ll make. You can start to consider what it’ll do for you, how will it make you feel. And I don’t know if that means it will make you feel more confident, I don’t know if it’s appropriate that you do feel more confident. More confident in your ability to have a healthy lifestyle. More confident in your ability to have the shape that you want. More confident in your workplace, more confident in your personal life.

I don’t know if it would improve your relationship with friends, your relationship with family. I don’t know whether it would make you feel better about yourself so that you start to build your self-esteem each and every day and it’s important that you are able to look in the mirror and able to tell yourself that you’re an honest person, a trustworthy person, a person that can love and can be loved. So that you can start to allow your self-esteem to build minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. So that over the days, the weeks and the months ahead you start to feel good inside. You see it’s important that you feel good. It’s important that you feel a sensation inside that’s appropriate. Start considering what you can do with your time that can lead you to a healthier lifestyle. For some people that might mean changing their eating habits. For some people that could mean eating more vegetables or eating more fish. I really don’t know what it means to you but you can consider inside, you can start to consider how healthy you want to become. Start to recognize that there’s a difference between being healthy and being fit. You see you can go to the gym every single day and you can be very fit and unhealthy. And that healthier lifestyle means something to you so that right now you can imagine you’re walking into a movie theater, sitting down in the front row of that movie theater and I want you to project yourself on that screen and I want you to watch a movie of yourself. I want you to watch a movie of yourself, seeing yourself with this healthier lifestyle. Seeing yourself running that movie doing all the things you’d be doing with this healthier lifestyle. And then when you get to the end of the movie, I want you to pause that. And then jump back to the beginning of the movie and now it’s time to just flow out to that movie.

And as you flow into that movie, I want you to just see what you see through your own eyes. Hear what you hear, feel what you feel. I want you to feel the emotions. Say it to yourself, “I am healthy. I have a healthy lifestyle. I love a healthy lifestyle. I love a healthy lifestyle. I feel fantastic. I feel great.” Now notice what you notice inside. See what you see around you externally. Feel what you feel externally. Feel what you feel internally. Hear what you hear the sounds around you. Hear what you say to yourself. As you stand there, feeling healthy, feeling good inside. As you consider this, just imagine who’s around you. Imagine the comments from friends. Imagine the comments from family. You see the time to change has come. It’s time to move in this direction. That healthy lifestyle. Eating all the right things that are right for you. Having the right amount of exercise. Drinking the right amount of water. Feeling good inside and outside. Allowing it to happen. So go ahead and just consider and really consider inside what you need to consider right now. And as you consider this, I’ll be silent, and the next time you hear my voice, you can just take one deep breath and relax.

As you breathe all the way in and all the way out, imagine yourself full of that health and vitality just the way that you want to be. Imagine focusing your mind, directing your awareness to that state of health. Feel and experience the new healthy energy beginning to flow all the way into you. All the way into your nervous system, you become fitter, more vibrant, more stable, much calmer, more relaxed than ever before. All your organs and systems of your body function at a higher level. And as you direct that mind to improve your health, increase your energy levels, focusing on that metabolism, allowing that metabolism to be finely tuned to your individual needs. You can start to speed that metabolism all by yourself automatically, effortlessly. Allowing your digestive system to function better, more effectively. You can start to consider the quantities of food that you’re eating, so that  you can eat the right amount that’s healthy for you. That allows you to feel the way you want to feel. That gives you the proper amount of nutrition. You may start to desire all the foods that are good for you and as you become calmer inside and much more relaxed, your whole outlook of life can begin to improve as you begin to take it each day as it comes. You feel a sense of acceptance, a feeling of peace deep inside you. Feeling more energy, feeling that body functioning much more efficiently and effectively. Allowing it to happen. Time to focus on this goal. And you can focus on this goal anytime you wish by just imagining that it’s already happened, finding yourself in that moment. Feeling what you feel. Hearing what you hear. Seeing everything you see goes around you. You can sense the calmness inside.

Find yourself wherever you want to be. Allowing whatever has to happen to happen. Start to trust your unconscious. Trust in your unconscious. Trust in your unconscious. And as you continue to listen to the sound of my voice, knowing that in a moment, but not yet, it’s time to return. And you can go ahead right now and just take all the time you need to be oriented all the way back into the room. Only allowing those eyes to open. Knowing that your unconscious has created a learning for you today. And what you have learned today can assist you in having that healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life so that over the days, the weeks and the months and years ahead, you’ll have this healthy lifestyle. Taking all the time you need to come all the way back whenever you’re ready. All the way back. That’s right. And as you come all the way back you can feel relaxed, refreshed, healthier, feeling fantastic. All the way back.