Gastric Band Part2

Gastric Band Part2

My name is Biodun Ogunyemi. Welcome to this recording. When listening to this recording, be sure to listen to it when you wouldn’t be disturbed. This recording is hypnotic and is not to be used whilst driving, and for maximum effect, I recommend that you listen to it through headphones.

As you breathe all the way in and all the way out, you can allow those eyes to close all the way down and go inside and consider anything how you need to consider. Beyond all the things you’ve considered already and you can allow that to happen now. That’s right. You see, knowing that you may have considered a number of times already. Aside from that, it’s time to allow yourself to drift down. You see, as you continue to drift down deeper and deeper listening to the sound of my voice, aware of sounds around you, aware of certain sensations on the inside, I don’t know if your mind’s wandering. As your mind wanders, my voice will go with you. My voice will allow you to drift down deeper and deeper. As you drift down deeper, you can start to feel good inside. You can start to feel what you want to feel. I don’t know if you can become more confident with every out breath. That level of confidence is already inside you.

Knowing that that day has arrived, the day you’ve been waiting for, the day of that operation, you can imagine yourself preparing for that journey. Packing that bag, calling a taxi, making your way on that journey to the hospital. As you arrive in that hospital walking there, you can see what you see. You can feel what you feel inside. You can hear what you hear. Walking through those main doors, going straight to reception because you know where you’re going. You see, you’ve been here before. You say hello to the receptionist. You’re really looking forward to this. She smiles at you and takes your details. As you make your way to the waiting area, the nurse comes out. Chats to you. Takes some personal details. Just makes sure that everything’s in order.

Then she tells you that she’ll be back with you in a few moments. As you sat there imagining this life-changing experience, the nurse comes back and asks you to follow her. As you follow her all the way down the corridor to a different room, she asks you to get changed into a hospital gown. Make yourself comfortable. As she goes through all the pre-op preparations and as you’re lying there thinking about this life-changing experience, the nurse does everything necessary to prepare you for surgery. She checks your blood pressure. She makes some notes on her sheet. She writes your name on a plastic bracelet and slips it on to your wrist.

As you sit there, the door opens and in comes somebody else. She introduces herself as your anesthetist. She asks you a number of questions and explains exactly what’s going to happen. Behind her, the consultant appears and smiles at you. Asks you how you’re feeling. Tells you that the operation will take about an hour. Tells you that everything will be absolutely fine and just reminded you that during the operation a number of small incisions will be done to your abdomen. He says that you’ll feel nothing at all. He says that the band will be connected to an injection port just as he explained which is  placed just under the skin and will be used to adjust the band in a few weeks. Tells you that you need to stay overnight and you’ll be allowed to go home the next day provided all is well.

As you thank him for explaining this again, you just think of this new body of yours and you smile. Your consultant leaves the room and soon it’s time to go to the theatre. The porters arrived and simply raise your bed on to its wheels and begin to push you out of the room and towards the operating theatre. As you lie still on the bed, you hear people talking on the background. All you see are the lights overhead as you trundle along that corridor and it’s the left down to the operating theatre. As you are wheeled into that theatre, you recognize the smell of that antiseptic. You slide off your bed and straight on to that theatre operating table and then the consultant appears by your side. He double-checks all your details. And then the anesthetist appears by your side and she double-checks your details. Gently slips that syringe which holds the anesthetic into the cannula. There’s a nurse on the other side of you and she’s holding your hand and talking to you.

As you focus on the nurse and she speaks to you, she asks you to start counting backwards from 100. You start counting back from 100. 99, 98. As you continue to count backwards, you continue to drift down deeper and deeper. The deeper you go, the better you feel. 97, 96. With every descending number you start to double that relaxation. You start to drift down more and more, deeper and deeper still until one minute you’re talking to them. The next minute your eyes simply close all the way down. You find it more and more difficult to focus on those numbers and you drift completely out of your awareness. You drift into that deep, deep sleep. Knowing that the surgeon, a first-class surgeon and competent at his job. You cannot see, feel. You’re not aware of anything that’s going on as you drift down comfortably and safely.

You don’t feel the camera going in you. You don’t feel any discomfort whatsoever. As this procedure takes place, as you continue to drift down deeper and deeper still so that I’ll be silent and the next time you hear my voice you just relax and go deeper.

So go ahead and just take a deep breath and relax. All of a sudden, you’re now aware of being transported back to your room. It all took place as you continue to drift out deeper and deeper. After some time, you begin to open those eyes slowly and you look around wondering at first where you are. Slightly confused. Feeling the effect of the anesthetic as it wears off. When you’re back in that room, you remember your operation. You remember your consultant. You remember the nurses that were present. You remember the journey to the theatre. You just don’t quite remember the journey when you return. As the nurse arrives and checks you over and asks if you like any water and she explains it’s always better to start the liquids so get used to smaller portions. She tells you that once you get home, you can start back on solid foods. But you find that you get full quicker and much easier than before. You find that you need to eat your food slower. Make sure you’re chewing that food well before swallowing and practice putting your knife and fork down between bites. Still you slow down your eating.

She tells you that the portion sizes will be much, much smaller than previously. Your stomach’s now shrunk down to the size of a golf ball. As you imagine that now and as you breathe all the way out, and then all the way out, building those stomach muscles in, taking those stomach muscles in as you breathe all the way in, pulling them in, feeling that stomach shrinking. Shrinking. Shrinking. Getting smaller and smaller the size of that golf ball. Smaller and smaller. As you imagine pulling your stomach muscles in, breathing all the way out again and taking a deep breath and pulling your stomach muscles all the way in. That stomach is shrinking down smaller and smaller. You can imagine how little food you can put in that stomach now. The nurse asks you to just rest for a few hours as she checks your blood pressure. You feel delighted that the surgery is over and you can’t wait to experience all the many changes that are about to take place each and every day because each and every day your confidence will start to build more and more.

As your confidence starts to build, you start to feel really good inside. You start to feel good in every area of your life as your relationships start to improve, your relationship with friends, your relationship with family. The motivation to do all the things you like to do in your life starts to increase beyond you can ever imagine. As you’re thinking of this new body of yours you start to feel good. The more you think about it, the better you feel. The better you feel the more you think about it.  As the nurse checks you over and tells you that everything’s absolutely fine, she tells you that the consultant had used dissolvable stitches and they’ll disappear within a few days. She tells you that right now it’s time for all those changes to take place now to all those eating habits. Soon you’ll make the right choices in the future. As you [0:18:42.8 inaudible] to this new stomach of yours, she tells you to get some rest. As you begin to rest, you begin to imagine how wonderful you feel inside. Knowing that the next day is time to go back home feeling absolutely fantastic. So that over the days and the weeks, the months ahead, you start to feel better and better each and every day, allowing yourself day by day, hour by hour. You see, in a moment it’s time to come all the way back knowing that you feel different. Knowing that you can feel more confident. Knowing that you can cut down those portion sizes right now. Knowing that you can slow down your eating. Considering all the things you need to consider beyond everything you’ve considered so far. It’s time to come all the way back, back in your feeling inside. 1,2. Feeling wonderfully good. 3. Coming all the way back to feel consciousness. 4. Feeling refreshed. Feeling absolutely fantastic. 5. Eyes all the way open. Back in. Feeling refreshed, relaxed. Feeling absolutely fantastic with abundant desire to achieve this goal. The confidence that most of you require and you can build on this confidence levels each and every day for the rest of your life.