Gastric Band Part1

Gastric Band Part1

My name is Biodun Ogunyemi. Welcome to this recording. When listening to this recording, be sure to listen to it when you won’t be disturbed. This recording is hypnotic and is not to be used whilst driving, and for maximum effect, I recommend that you listen to it through headphones. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Only as quickly as you can breathe all the way in and all the way out. Clear your mind. Calm your thoughts and close your eyes. Now as you begin to consider inside all the things you need to consider, you can start to drift down deeper and deeper relaxed. Deeper and deeper still. You may be aware of certain sounds inside the room. Or even outside the room. Or certain sensations inside.

And I don’t know if you’re aware of the temperature of the air on your skin. You may feel the clothing against your skin as you begin to drift down deeper and deeper. And the deeper you go, the better you feel. The more you relax, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you relax. Breathe in all the way in and all the way out as you begin to focus your attention on your eyes. Focus all your attention only on your eyes and then relax your eyes. Go ahead and focus your attention on your shoulders and relax those shoulders. Allowing that relaxation to flow slowly all the way down your arms and to your fingers, right out to your fingertips. Focus in your attention on your chest, your stomach, your hips, thighs, all the way down your legs, your feet. And all the way to the tips of your toes.

I don’t know if you can recall a time that you were relaxed. Possibly a pleasant memory, a time that you just felt so relaxed you just allowed yourself to drift. You see as you consider this particular issue that you want to deal with today, you may start to become aware of things outside your conscious awareness as you consider that fully. So almost as if you can focus your attention, solely on the solution, beyond everything you’ve ever considered so far. You see in a moment I’m going to count all the way down from 10 down to 1. With each descending number I’d like you to drift down deeper and deeper relaxed so that with each number you can double your level of relaxation and your imagination. I know you can do that. So that you can become more relaxed. 10, deeper and deeper still. 9, drifting all the way down. 8, double that relaxation. 7, loose, limp and completely relaxed. 5, that’s right. 4, deeper and deeper still. 7, 8, 7, 6, deeper and deeper. 5, all the way down. 4, 3, double that relaxation again. 2, double that again. 4, 3, drifting down. 2, 1.Letting go. Allowing that relaxation to flow all the way down so that you can feel every muscle, very fiber completely relaxed. Loose, limp and completely relaxed.

And as you continue the process of relaxing more and more, you don’t need to do anything whatsoever. You can just relax and listen to the sound of my voice. And as your mind wanders, my voice will go with you. My voice will just help you to relax. Deeper and deeper. You see as you consider this imaginary gastric band, I’d like to share some useful information, knowing that you’re about to go through this procedure, so that you can allow your mind to focus on everything that it needs to focus on right now, to allow whatever needs to happen unconsciously to happen all by itself.

I want you to imagine that you’ve arrived at the hospital. You walk in through the doors. You notice what you notice. You can see what you see and hear what you hear. You can feel what you feel. As you walk through those doors, up to the reception desk, and at the reception desk, the receptionist takes your name and directs you to a particular area. And as you sit down waiting in that area, you’ve got certain things going on in your mind, certain thoughts as you process information, knowing that going through this process, you’re about to change your life. You’re about to change that shape forever. You start to consider the changes in your lifestyle, the changes in your relationships. You start to consider and see yourself the way you want to be, knowing that going through this process is going to change your whole relationship with food. It’s going to change the way you feel about yourself so that you can start to feel the confidence. You start to feel the way you want to feel and it’s appropriate that you do feel good about yourself. So that when you consider, when you think about this goal you can feel good each and every time. I don’t know if you can feel good right now, feel good about the thought of what you’re about to go through.

And as you sit there with your mind drifting, the nurse comes out and introduces herself. Asks you if you had a good journey to the hospital. And as you follow her along to the consulting rooms, you walk into the consulting room and she offers you a drink. She asks you to have a seat and the consultant will be with you in a few minutes. Within a few minutes, the consultant comes in. Introduces himself and starts to ask you a number of relevant questions about your medical history. Some personal information about why you want to have this surgery. And as you explain your reasons, he fully agrees with your reasons as he listens to you. And then he starts to explain just a little bit about the procedure and how it will take place. He tells you who the anesthetist will be. He tells you who the anesthetist will be. He tells you about the operating theater and the nurses that will be present. He tells you that on the day you arrive, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form about taking the operation. He tells you that you’ll be taken to a preparation room where the nurses will make all the necessary arrangements to make sure that everything goes smoothly. And then he goes on to start explaining an outline of the surgery so that you know what to expect. He tells you that this keyhole surgery is a simple procedure involving a few small incisions into your abdomen. And then by using an instrument called a laparoscope to see what he’s doing, he’ll install the band and set it correctly. He then tells you that the band will be connected to an injection port so they can be adjusted with saline after a few weeks. Then after applying stitches you’re returned to your room where you can rest. He tells you that over time your stomach will start to shrink. It’ll start to shrink and get smaller and smaller all the way down to the size of a golf ball. So that it can start to restrict the amount of food that you put into your stomach, so that you start to adjust to eat in smaller portions. Enjoying healthier, different types of food, possibly vegetables.

He tells you and actually you need to liquidize your food to get used to the band. And then after a few weeks you return for any adjustments. And then he asks you if you got any questions and makes sure that you’re comfortable with the whole procedure and tells you that all you need to do now is come back in a week’s time for the actual surgery itself. And as he thanks you and says goodbye, the nurse guides you back to reception and wishes you a pleasant journey home and says that she will see you next week. She gives you a note of exactly where to come to on the day.

And on the way home you start to wonder about this procedure. You start to wonder about the differences that it’s going to make to your life. Knowing that things are about to change, you feel really good thinking about this goal, thinking about what you’re going to achieve, thinking about all the differences it’s going to make to your confidence levels, to the way you feel about yourself. You start to imagine waking up that day when this procedure’s taken place and you start to think about how good you’re going to feel, how confident you’re going to feel, how things will just happen automatically. You just find yourself just eating less food. Cutting down on those portion sizes automatically. And as you consider all the things you need to consider now, knowing that the next session is time to go through that procedure, so you can allow all the adjustments that need to take place now to take place.

You see because in a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 5. And when I count from 1 to 5, you can re-orientate all the way back into the room. You can feel refreshed, relaxed, feeling fantastic, looking forward to your next session. Looking forward to this journey ahead. Looking forward to that new body. Looking forward to that good feeling inside. Looking forward to the confidence levels. 1, 2, 3, on the count of 5 come in all the way back into the room feeling refreshed, relaxed, feeling absolutely fantastic. 4, 5, all the way back.